Climate Change Organizations Face Extinction

Financial impact organizations need only look at areas like health care and climate change to see what’s coming.
For example:
Understanding and addressing localized impacts of climate change around the world is more important than ever. Climate impact was studied for decades by nonprofit and public sector entities who sent trained individuals across the globe for field studies - an expensive non-scalable process. 
You would think that previously established organizations are inundated with funding and support, but in the last few years innovative new organizations have begun using geo-spatial imaging and machine learning applications to gather and analyze localized climate data at a scale not previously possible and at a fraction of the cost of flying people around the world. The result is that older organizations that haven’t adapted, now face a difficult time getting funding - even with years of relationships.
Organizations that didn’t adapt and trade their boots and clipboards in for computers and image licenses have gone from successful to extinct in just a few short years. Public sector and nonprofit organizations with financial capability and inclusive finance missions largely remain stuck with “boots and clipboards” processes that will likewise soon be seen as antiquated and obsolete.