The Covid-19 health and economic crisis has expanded and accelerated our adoption of technology at a rate never seen before.

FinTech Full Stack FinTech Banking is Now a Reality in the U.S.

The FDIC last week gave final approval to Varo’s application for federal deposit insurance coverage. With a target market of underserved households, Varo is poised to become the first true mobile-only federally chartered bank in the United States.

UBER Money is UBER Scaling With Technology

Less than four months after announcing its financial capability and services division for drivers,  Uber Money, has opened a new center with over 100 developers in India to add to teams already in place in Palo Alto, Amsterdam, New York and San Francisco. Financial capability nonprofits working with employers should take notice.

Climate Change Organizations Face Extinction

Financial impact organizations need only look at areas like health care and climate change to see what’s coming.

The Private, Public and Impact Sectors Join Forces for AI for Good

The Private, Public and Impact Sectors Join Forces for AI for Good 
Close to 4,000 people are expected to attend the 2020 United Nations AI for Good Summit in Geneva.  Senior executives

The Automation of Consumer Finance Drives Inclusive Finance to Follow

Every aspect of consumer finance is being transformed across the world. Automation is no longer just viewed as a way to scale services and lower costs but a way to provide consumers with a vast array of new services and tools that are available 24 X 7 and customizable to meet individual needs.

Changes in the Regulatory Framework of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

Attacks on the Community Reinvestment Act over the years have generally ranged from being without evidence to partisan lunacy.

FDIC Issues New Rule With Significant implications to Inclusive Fintech and Nonprofits

 Given that the new OCC “Fintech Bank Charter” is dead in the water, this may be the most important development to-date on the regulatory response to fintech and a harbinger of what is to come.

“Uber Money” Ups the Game on Fintech Driven Employer Financial Services

Uber has announced Uber Money, a new division that will include everything from credit and debit cards, to digital wallets, and other tools to help drivers get paid more quickly and save.

Can You Make AI Fairer Than a Judge? Play the Biased Algorithm Game

MIT Technology Review Algo Bias Simulation
I highly recommend taking 15 minutes to experiment with this online algorithm simulation that demonstrates that defining an algorithm's purpose may affect bias as much as the coding of the algorithm itself.