FDIC Issues New Rule With Significant implications to Inclusive Fintech and Nonprofits

Given that the new OCC “Fintech Bank Charter” is dead in the water, this may be the most important development to-date on the regulatory response to fintech and a harbinger of what is to come.

“Uber Money” Ups the Game on Fintech Driven Employer Financial Services

Uber has announced Uber Money, a new division that will include everything from credit and debit cards, to digital wallets, and other tools to help drivers get paid more quickly and save.

Can You Make AI Fairer Than a Judge? Play the Biased Algorithm Game

MIT Technology Review Algo Bias Simulation
I highly recommend taking 15 minutes to experiment with this online algorithm simulation that demonstrates that defining an algorithm's purpose may affect bias as much as the coding of the algorithm itself.

New Apple/Goldman Card Under Investigation for Gender Bias in Credit Algorithm

The New York’s State Department of Financial Services announced last week that it would investigate the new Apple/Goldman Sachs credit card venture over claims of gender discrimination.

American Express Offers Cards to New U.S. Immigrants Without U.S. Credit Scores

American Express has teamed up with Nova Credit, a cross-border credit reporting startup, to offer immigrants the ability to use international credit reports when applying for a credit card. 

Scotiabank Launches Training Program on AI Ethics for Senior Executives

Scotiabank, with 25 million customers in Canada, has teamed up with Queen's University, and the IEEE to develop a two-day program for senior executives that will cover the principles of AI ethics.

Can Today’s Financial Nonprofits Survive and Scale in a Digital World?

The Innovator’s Dilemma is challenging financial nonprofits. They must adopt disruptive technology, become data driven and follow their clients to the digital world to remain relevant.

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Financial Health and Inclusion Are More Than Fintech Buzzwords

Maybe it started with Apple’s famous 1984 Superbowl commercial
showing a totalitarian society in our future if we didn’t buy an Apple Macintosh.